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Production photo of The Diary of Anne Frank

Theater, as our founding director said, "illuminates what life is." You make BTE everything that is: a vital part of a community, a center for arts education, a meeting point to laugh, to cry, to live, but most of all—a theatre. You make theatre illuminate what life is. Thank you so much for making BTE all that it is.

BTE brings live theatre to the Columbia Montour region and beyond not just through earned income, which accounts for 45% of our annual budget, but primarily through the generosity of supporters like you. Philanthropic support accounts for 55% of our total budget.

Your donation allows us to achieve our mission – to awaken the imagination, provoke questions, and embolden the spirit. Thank you for supporting us!


Gift Acknowledgement

Please let us know how you would like us to acknowledge your gift in our publications.

Gifts in Memory or in Honor of Someone

If you are making this donation in memory or in honor of someone, please let us know below. We will send a letter to the individual listed as the acknowledgment name. In the case of a tribute in memory of someone, the acknowledged person is usually a spouse or family member. 

If you do not know their address, we will do our best to find it for you.